Behaviour Consult

The development of behaviour problems such as aggression towards people and/or dogs, sound phobias, housetraining problems, destruction or excessive vocalisation can lead to a breakdown in relationships and to dogs being rehomed. Dealing with behaviour problems involves understanding the underlying motivations and addressing these in order to change the behaviour.
  • A behavioural consultation can last up to 3 hours during which a detailed case history is gathered, the underlying motivations identified and a tailored behaviour modification programme put in place.
  • Cases are seen on Veterinary Referral only, this is to rule out any underlying medical problems. Please ask your vet to complete and return one of these forms.
  • Behavioural report sent to you and your vet.
  • Email and telephone support to keep you on track.
  • Behavioural consultations are £225.00 for the first 3 hours, subsequent hours are charged at £45 x hour (excluding mileage charged at 45p x mile and parking dependant on metre fee in area)